Edu350 Reflections

Looking back on the semester, I have come a long way as a prospective teacher. This class as well as my two other education classes have taught me so many different ideas and concepts to use as a teacher. Before taking this class, I would not have considered myself a very “tech savvy” person. However, now that we have completed different lessons and projects, I have been introduced to various websites and programs that greatly benefit teacher and student. I received a hands-on experience with programs I can now use in my classroom. Also, the twitter chats we took part in showed me how teachers from around the country can connect to help eachother. They shared teaching strategies and links regarding countless topics in a school system. I hope to follow up with some of these chats that apply to the things I am going to teach. This class was a fun one to be apart of because we learned a lot of things about technology and education and enjoyed our time spent together. Thank you Ms. Mislevy!


My Digital Portfolio

My Digital Portfolio

I created a digital portfolio displaying my work for various education classes. Click on the link to see more!

Twitter Chat #blogchat

For this twitter chat I followed along with the blog chat on Sunday night. The topics all have to do with blogs and how to design and use them effectively. I found this interesting as this blog has been my first and I hope to maintain a blog in the future as an educator.

The first topic posted dealt with an article stating information should never be more than three clicks away. I found this interesting because I never really thought about number of clicks for something online. The concept of three clicks does make sense, however, because you want to keep the attention of the reader, and not lose their focus. If someone has to click a bunch of times to find what they want to see, they may just give up. Another topic was the use of images in a blog. Some people said the more images the better because it makes it more appealing. Others said they try to stick to one or two pictures per post due to clutter and organization. More people seemed to follow the latter of those two choices.

Another suggestion was to keep an updated “about me” section. As a teacher, I feel that this is important for your students and others to view about yourself. It shows you maintain your blog and provides them information about you. Overall this blog was VERY busy. Each time I reached the top of the page there were over fifty new tweets for me to read. I found this hard to keep up with and probably missed a few topics throughout the hour session.

Also, there did not seem to be many teachers involved in the blog. Many people seemed like hardcore bloggers who were asking in depth questions. They were talking about advertisements in your blog so I ignored some of the topics discussed.

All in all, I did learn stuff during this chat that I can apply to teaching. Blogs seem to be growing in popularity and I would like to have one as a teacher to communicate with students and parents during a school year.

PIP relections

After completing my Personal Interest Project, I got to take a look at my classmates. The first one I looked at was Jess’. Her glogster page did not load all the way so I could only see what was there and not read it. It looked very well done and had a lot of text which showed she put a lot of time and work into her research. There was a video and pictures to make it look appealing. Next I looked at Logan’s PIP. He used the scoop website and I liked this idea. It was like a blog of various articles and things that correlated to his topic of podcasting in the classroom. The video was nice to show how podcasting worked. His project was well done and had various articles showing how to use podcasts and why they are useful. Lastly, I looked at Steph’s project. Her project focused on the blueprint of traditional college education. It discusses how more people are enrolling in schools, but students do not like the set up. These schools are also losing money. She included various articles that showed the problems and offered some solutions. Employers are still looking for applicants to have degrees, but she says this might change over time. She also talks about a for profit college which is a new concept of education. Schools may change their ways to become more like these. This was an interesting topic and I was glad that she put in a lot of research to show the differences.

All in all, I was impressed with everyone’s PIP’s and think everyone did a great job!

Twitter chat – #histed

For this twitter chat, I wanted to look at my area of concentration; history. On Wednesday, I was looking forward to learning new things regarding teaching history. However, there were not many participants in the chat, and no moderator. Not all was lost as I scrolled through some different posts with the hashtag and found some interesting things.

One link that was posted was for the Standford History education website. I took some time to go through the site. It included things like introduction materials that included different history posters for your classroom. Also, there were many lesson plans from all US History topics from colonial through the Cold War. I found these very useful. The lesson plans also had reviews with them so you can see which other teachers thought were good. Not only did the website have US History, there were also lesson plans for World history under various topics. I could definitely see myself using this website in the future for lesson plans and more.

Looking through the posts, I noticed a lot of people posted various articles and videos that would be useful to use in the classroom. They were small things in current events that could be a small lesson or activity for the class. One of these was an article about a 10,000 year old house uncovered in Israel. This could be useful for an ancient history class. Another link posted was an article explaining why teacher should use youtube more in the classroom. It outlined many useful aspects of youtube and explained that with privacy settings and other safety tips, teachers should not hesitate to use it. I have heard many people talking about the benefits of youtube in the classroom, and this article showed that. I hope to incorporate youtube into my classroom.

I look forward to checking back in to this chat, and hope more people contribute in the future.

Personal Interest Project – MOOC

Link to Glogster –

Work Cited for project (was not included in Glogster page – 

top 10 sites for moods –


MOOC webpage –

Youtube video –

Economist Article on MOOC –

Social Bookmarking with Diigo

Social Bookmarking with Diigo

This is a link to my personal diigo page. I explored and found many website that will greatly help me as a teacher. A few that I found are for new teachers. This will really help me from the start as it provides tips and guides to make your first year successful and continue that in the future. Also, I found many websites that deal with History. They have lesson plans, videos, primary documents, and other things that will be very useful in my classroom.

I enjoyed searching for these websites that will help me, and I want to continue to expand my diigo page to contain websites I can use when teaching. 

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